CASL believes that without the security of a place to live, it is impossible for individuals who struggle with homelessness to break the cycle. CASL will serve in 2022, 1,000+ people across Florida. Here are a few of the individuals we serve.


Chris Parge

“Before I found CASL, I was severely depressed, lost contact with my family and having serious problems with grooming and dental hygiene. I stopped taking my medication and ended up in the hospital on several occasions. Eventually, I lost my apartment and belongings. When I found CASL, they provided me with resources and a new permanent place to live. Thanks to them, I have developed the skills to become more independent and financially secure. My hygiene has improved and I regained contact with my family.”


Kelly Geisen

“Before learning about CASL, I was ready to give up on my life. I was living on the streets for 19 years, unable to keep appointments with doctors and didn’t know how to get help or possibly pay for it. I was unable to work because I did not have a home address. It was a struggle just to eat. 

CASL connected me with a case manager who immediately started to help me with phone calls, appointments, therapy, doctors, clothes and a stable home. They went above and beyond and continue to help me. The biggest blessing of all is I am in a beautiful stable home with an amazing roommate. The people at CASL are compassionate, helpful and truly amazing.”



Who knows where I might be if it hadn’t been for CASL’s supportive housing program. I can look towards the future with a clear mind and good spirit in my soul. I feel very safe at my new residence, feel better about myself and my new attitude. I love CASL’s case management services and am very thankful that I am finally able to get the help that I need. I now have a job and a reason to save money for things I need for the future; and to keep surviving. The people at CASL play a very important role in my world. I’m surrounded by positive people with positive attitudes.


Debra Brewer

“Never in a million years would I have thought I’d ever become homeless. When my husband died in 2016, I lost everything. My home, my furniture, my car, pets, and even my clothes. Not knowing where to go, I slept next to a Chinese restaurant behind the bushes.
When the case manager from CASL found me a home, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of me. CASL was a shining light in the darkness. All the social service organizations in the area have been immensely helpful. I received clothes, food, mental health services and a place that helps provide my medical care. My caseworker goes to all my doctors and psychiatric appointments with me. Thank you, CASL. You saved my life!”



I am a recovering alcohol and drug addict. In 2017, I was working a great job, had a beautiful home, car and new puppy. Just 24 hours later, my life forever changed. I suffered a cardiac arrest and stroke, I was hospitalized and in rehab for 3 months. I was no longer able to walk, lost my home due to the stairs I could no longer climb, could not drive or care for my new puppy. Due to my disability, I struggled to care for myself. By 2019, my organs were shutting down. I had no job, no home, no car, no hope. 

A friend told me about CASL which made all the difference in my life. I’m so grateful for the many programs and benefits they provide me with. I’m now taking life skills classes, receive treatment from a therapist and have a home. Thanks, to CASL, I finally have my CASTLE.